Is it presumptively white? I'm self educating also— but I'm not white and I suffer from a loud mouth and lots of liberal guilt. This story feels more sexist than it does racist, to me, and I should also point out I'm male. In a way an analog to the witch hunt that was quieted Roseanne Barr for a few years in the… » 2/20/15 5:12am 2/20/15 5:12am

Are you suggesting someone who's worked at noted hack think tank Center for American Progress, edited noted hack DNC rag The New Republic, and should have, for all intents and purposes, been charged under the Mann Act for pimping Bush's Iraq War nonstop across state lines is not a true public intellectual, but rather… » 1/31/15 12:43am 1/31/15 12:43am

Dawww look at those innocent smiles. Look at the in-front position of the three women so BOX appears diverse not one big mayonaise-and-dongle fest. Most throwback of all, these people are seem actually excited to be ring the bell at the Stock Market like it's 1998 or something. » 1/25/15 7:29pm 1/25/15 7:29pm