Ugh this bugs so bad, because the ONLY catch-my-interest appeal is if this is about the Mosby family lore (approaching Arabian Nights/Odyssey level) from the other direction. Seems easy, doesn't it fellas, reward a talented actress, plop Radnor in for a few episodes since, like someone upthread said, not like he's… » 11/16/13 3:01am 11/16/13 3:01am

Where Memes Really Come From


Though history will probably remember Richard Dawkins as the activist who spearheaded a new atheist movement, there is something far more famous and important that he invented — and few people know it. He is the guy who first popularized the idea of the meme, way back in the 1970s. That's right. Dawkins is indirectly… » 11/16/13 1:53am 11/16/13 1:53am