We don’t know that all dinosaurs had feathers. The biggest ones probably didn’t have many, the same way elephants don’t have much hair. But we know that at least two broad groups of dinosaurs did, which leads some people to believe that feathers are a distinguishing trait for dinosaurs the way hair is for mammals.… »6/12/15 4:35am6/12/15 4:35am

But this doesn’t change the fact that Jurassic World will leave a deep impression on the public’s image of what dinosaurs “were really like.” The animals in the film don’t have new names to underscore their hybrid status; they’re still called Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Velociraptor. They still have a…

»6/12/15 4:32am6/12/15 4:32am

Go look up “cassowary”. Read about how they are living, right now, and can disembowel a human — and they don’t even have the same raptor claw that the “velociraptors” do. Take a look at them and tell me they aren’t scary at all. And they’re smaller than the movie’s velociraptors. »6/12/15 4:29am6/12/15 4:29am

Several commenters ask “why does it matter if the science is still bad”, so, this seems like a great excuse to refer to Barnett et al. 2006. Their main finding is that watching movies with bad science makes people more wrong than people who didn’t watch these movies. »6/12/15 4:14am6/12/15 4:14am

I was on our first Title IX-enforced girl’s track team, and the boys’ team coach made our life miserable. But kharma got him twice 1) when an Olympic-quality girl moved into our township, taking the new girls’ track coach to States and beyond in his 2nd year of coaching (while this poor fellow still couldn’t get to… »6/11/15 11:22pm6/11/15 11:22pm